Karma is Back!

We are back again. After the successful measures taken, such as hacking of Bibi’s gov.il correspondence system, we are now back with other surprises like access to over 10 Terabytes of Mossad’s data.
It seems that Bibi has no intention to put an end to his violence and warmongering and he has set out to sacrifice the precious youths of the eternal land of Israel for his personal ambitions.
Now that Bibi has no receptive ear, we will only talk to him through our actions. In our most recent measure, hacking the infrastructure of IT4U (it4u.org.il) through which we gained accessed to over 200 important networks including the police network and temporarily redirecting some 50 of them to our website (KarmaBelow80.ORG). More than 300 Terabytes of Data have been gained from these networks.
Karma is watching you