KarMa Discloses: Cyprus and the Czech Republic, Netanyahu’s Next Victims

KarMa has access to Bibi’s Military contracts now. Bibi’s government is trying to disseminate its bloodshed by exporting military equipment to other countries. Shorad Missile System Purchase contract no.21121000562 is an obscenity for Netanyahu. The Czech Republic, a country where there is still enough peace and no chaos! Not yet! Germany? Austria? Slovakia? Poland? Somewhere farther? Where are the Czech going to bomb?
What country is Cyprus at war with? Turkey? Greece? Italy? Syria? Lebanon? Egypt? Why is it that Bibi is signing more and more military contracts with these countries? (MEADS contract No. 0Y222) So far, they have no enemies, but Bibi will make sure that there will be some enemies against whom these countries will be using their newly purchased missiles.
Karma Will Shatter Our Dream of Turning 80
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