MCTC got Hacked Twice!

Once again Bibi’s espionage squad (MCTC) was hacked. KarMa hackers have all the updated data now. Golda Meir, the Grandmother of corrupt Honey-trappers founded it _ Bibi, the most corrupt politician ever is leading it. The trend has not changed much however: using women (and feminism) as a tool for spying. If women mattered to…

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Tahal Group

Tahal Group is now in our hand

Now it’s time that we decide how to set your systems We have access to all the Tahal’s data If you want, we can prove that; and we can publically share these data Put an end to warmongering policies, and stop taking advantage of Israeli people KarMa is watching you… ===============================================================================

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Municipality is Ours Now

Tel Aviv Municipality has fainted We want to resuscitate the city You need a surgery KarMa is set to operate on you ===========================================================================================================  

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Karma is Back!

We are back again. After the successful measures taken, such as hacking of Bibi’s correspondence system, we are now back with other surprises like access to over 10 Terabytes of Mossad’s data. It seems that Bibi has no intention to put an end to his violence and warmongering and he has set out to…

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