About Karma

KarMa is a group of anti-Zionist Jewish hackers. KarMa members intend to prevent from an impending catastrophe in the foreseeable future. We will create “a” hellfire for the wrongdoers to avoid the worse. Whatever we do is going to determine what happens to us. Descendants if Israel are ALL to be punished for the guilts and crimes of a minority _ an oligarchy. Bibi and his helping hands are the sole reason that children of Israel should suffer. Their deeds will surely backfire, as they have so far.
This is Butterfly Effect. This is KarMa. We are your atonement.
And no one can escape God’s atonement once it is destined.
KarMa will shatter our dream of turning 80.
Gov.il, OctopusCS.com, Mossad, MCTC… We have not even started yet.