Hacking of Bibi’s Espionage Infrastructure

As a gesture of Good Will, and in order to prove our seriousness in making the world and the prosperous and eternal land of Israel a better place, KarMa team hacked into Bibi’s most private and most evil websites and infrastructure.
Mossad was hacked by KarMa. All Mossad’s contacts and agent, from trivial to super-important, are in our hand. Little Benji’s Governmental websites are all accessed by KarMa. Deleting a Telegram Channel DOES NOT hush up this scandal for Bibi or Mossad.
Access was allowed, Mossad’s files and mails were copied/downloaded, then they were wiped. Look on the bright side! There is more storage now, and we can both use more space! Future does not belong to braggarts.
#No2Bibi #No2CrimeMinister #No2War #KarmaBelow80

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